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Next Knowledge’s Artificial Learning Intelligence & Comprehension Engine, Alice, is the digital delivery agent of the LEARN method. Alice is a companion on a learner’s journey, always available and ready to give them a starting place in the materials at hand.


Alice lets learners take control of their own learning, while providing unique guidance and assistance. She is designed to act as a companion to any learner working with informative or literary text of any subject. From reading to writing, Alice is ready to support them on their learning journey. 

the method has been proven to increase

student scores on standardized tests

Alice provides a revolutionary way of studying by prompting learners to generate intuitive and reliable notes that result in comprehension, rather than memorization.

  • The learner inputs a given text (informative or literary) and Alice processes the text by breaking it up into its individual words or terms, and then suggests the word that represents the main topic.

  • The learner then checks the accuracy of Alice's topic selection by scanning through the list of words that Alice highlighted and confirms whether the selected topic is appropriate.

  • After confirming the topic, the learner proceeds to work with Alice to generate notes within the text based on keywords found in each sentence.

  • The notes are stored in a reference table and also converted into flashcards that learners can use to quiz themselves.

  • After working with the text, learners can work with Alice to create their own text about the topic -- whether it be an essay or other informational piece.

working with Alice delivers
immediate results for any learner

Among high school classes using the method, average grades increased between 10 and 23 percentage points, with a number of students showing dramatic gains. Masterful learners -- such as someone looking to improve their LSAT or GMAT score -- have found this method to be the missing link to higher performance.


With other more traditional methods, standardized scores typically experience little to no improvement. In contrast, our method makes an immediate and lasting positive impact.​

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“Having used Alice with a number of my students, the margin highlight suggestions create much-appreciated and valuable prompts for note-taking and anchors for recall. It’s a great tool that has had dramatic results in reading and comprehension, but also improved confidence.

—  Doug G., executive function coach