a proven and lasting method to enhance learning

Our proprietary learning method, LIRN, was developed by Next Knowledge co-founder, Lawrence Feld, over 30 years ago.

Lawrence developed the LIRN method after exhausting his entire toolkit while helping a child that was struggling to pass in school in spite of an extremely high IQ.


Since developing the method, LIRN has been demonstrated to work effectively on thousands of learners from a broad range of ages and abilities.

staggering performance improvement

LIRN is a series of steps any learner can take to truly comprehend, retain and ultimately reuse the material in front of them. It is a virtual framework that helps a learner break down any new material into the important segments, isolate the most relevant materials and ultimately generate powerful notes to review and reinforce their learning.

The methodology was created and refined in classrooms and in one-to-one sessions with our co-founder over three decades. We have benchmarking and documentation showing the results of its usage on hundreds of students, revealing staggering reading and writing performance improvement of anywhere from 15 to 60 percentile points over the course of a school year.

Next Knowledge has brought LIRN to life in a new way with the development of an A.I.-powered digital learning companion: Alice.


With Alice, learners of all ages and abilities can learn the skills for improved reading comprehension and retention. Alice also helps a learner to create their own purposeful writing that will flow from what they've learned. Once learned, an individual will carry these skills throughout their life.

Computer Class

“Our students showed significant gains in reading comprehension.
Their reading fluency, spelling and vocabulary improved as well.
I would strongly recommend this product.”

—  Resource Teacher, Vanguard Elementary School