obstacles to learning

We address a central and pervasive issue: Under-developed reading and writing performance result in decreased confidence and ambition.

We have a proven method to address this in learners of all ages and abilities. Our solution addresses persistent and systemic obstacles to learning:

  • The educational system focuses on reading and writing, but we don’t apply the same rigor to comprehension.

  • The current systems of support -- by their nature and design -- often leave the learner in a highly passive state, disengaging them from the learning journey and holding them back from reaching a deeper state of learning.

  • Up to 30% of the population struggle to fully perform academically and a significant percentage of the population are performing below their true potential.

Our A.I.-powered digital learning companion, Alice, is designed to help learners overcome these obstacles, regain control of their learning and achieve success.

take control of your learning

The learning approach that Alice employs will benefit individuals at any stage in life. Students, adult learners and working professionals can all benefit from Alice. Our methods have been proven to be effective with masterful learners, chronic underachievers and everyone in between.

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“Our method transforms lives. They are proven to work. With the right tools, everyone can reach greater potential. We want to help give them that chance.”

—  Stephen Straker, CEO &Co-Founder
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