It’s time to revolutionize learning

Hello world! Welcome to our first ever blog post as co-founders of Next Knowledge.

Allow us to introduce ourselves… Lawrence - dedicated my career to helping people learn; adore my wife, daughters and our beautiful dogs. And Stephen - technology-obsessed father of four, grandfather of two, enjoying rural life with my love and our dogs. We are co-founders and friends, and dedicated partners in this venture. In a nutshell, that’s us!

We have been working with our small and mighty team to officially launch our A.I.-powered learning portal. We are thrilled to now be welcoming members!

Our goal is to revolutionize how learners learn and the way teachers teach.

Our method is proven and our digital tools have been put to the test by individual learners, parents and teachers. We’re now excited to offer our solution to the world! Through Next Knowledge, learners of all ages and abilities can learn how to truly comprehend and retain information -- rather than memorize it… and then move forward to create smart, purposeful writing.

We’ve been hard at work to grow Next Knowledge’s potential and build on our strong foundations. Alice - our revolutionary learning companion - is equipped with smart features to support active reading, deep learning and informed writing.

Check out our intro video to learn more:

Our proprietary and proven method -- LIRN (patent pending) -- was developed by Lawrence and has been fine-tuned and proven over three decades. He created the method after exhausting his entire toolkit while helping a child that was struggling to pass in school in spite of an extremely high IQ.

Too many people struggle to learn effectively -- as a result, they are challenged to meet their true potential. It doesn’t have to be that way! LIRN has been demonstrated to work effectively on thousands of learners from a broad range of ages and abilities. We are offering a proven and lasting method to enhance learning. Our hope is that now, by supporting countless learners through our learning portal, we can help more people achieve success that may have been out of reach.

Please take a look to see what we’ve been up to. We also hope you’ll sign up for a free 7-day trial! And finally, we would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for checking us out!

L & S

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