what is Next Knowledge?​

Next Knowledge is a learning company dedicated to enabling deep learning and comprehension that remains out of reach for too many learners. We are improving the way individuals learn and process information.

Our mission: to change the world's relationship with learning.

Our goal is to promote academic and professional success by changing the way learners work with text. Our growing suite of A.I.-powered tools can revolutionize learning by increasing efficiency, effectiveness and staying power, resulting in less stress, more confidence and greater potential.


transforming how learners learn

and the way teachers teach

We are removing barriers that prevent individuals from achieving a mastery of comprehension and retention that will benefit them in every stage of life. We are dedicated to creating lasting social value by delivering a proven method to help people comprehend, retain and reuse information... forever.

Science and Technology Class

“I had no doubt that it would be successful with several of our classes, but I was pleasantly surprised with the success with all of the classes.
I’m so thrilled with the outcome.”

—  Special Education Consultant,
Summit School-Ecole Le Sommet